Sear fish, Indian mackerel, ribbon fish, croaker, reefcod, snapper, Japanese tread fin bream.
Wholeround, whole gutted, headless gutted.
Sterling Foods now stands on the threshold of a new era with plans to widen its dimensions and touch new shores.

Range of Products
Product Brand
 Frozen Headless Shell-on Tail-on Shrimps
 Frozen Head-on Shell-on Shrimps
 Peeled undeveined Shrimps Yacht
 Whole Frozen Cuttlefish Yacht
 Frozen Cuttlefish Fillets Yacht
 Frozen Cuttlefish Tentacles Yacht
 Frozen Cuttlefish Rings Yacht
 Whole Frozen Squids Yacht
 Frozen Squid Fillets Yacht
 Frozen Squid Tubes Yacht
 Squid Rings and Tentacles Yacht
 Frozen Sear Fish (King Mackeral ) Yacht
 Frozen Indian Mackeral Yacht
 Frozen Ribbon fish Yacht
 Frozen Japenese Thread Fin Bream Yacht
 Frozen Reefcod (IQF) Yacht
 Frozen Snapper Yacht