Sterling Foods has etched the mark of excellence in the industry. During the last 25 years, Sterling Foods established its own brand of seafood, "YACHT", on the international horizon.

Since then, the "YACHT" brand of marine food products is recognised and appreciated by all the foreign buyers as it offers nearly all the lucrative varieties of the Indian ocean’s underwater treasures. The "YACHT" brand has been rated as one of the most superior brands in quality and variety. Therefore, it’s not surprising that so many buyers abroad have chosen Sterling Foods as their source for Indian Seafood.

As varied as the product line, so stringent and consummate is the quality. Sterling Foods is determined to secure the much coveted ISO 9002 and EU certification which has become mandatory to enter into the single unified European market. At Sterling Foods HACCP has already been implemented into the processing line. Various checks are conducted at various stages to ensure compliance with the standards laid down under EU/FDA and HACCP specifications. Traditional methods like inspections, testing and examinations are only the postmortem monitoring and cannot ensure desired food safety. Therefore we believe the only way to assure safe food is to control the raw materials, transportation, the processing line, the environment, storage and most important the people so that they can produce high quality product with high degree of ensurance of safety.

In the pre-processing and processing section Sterling Foods has a dedicated team of professionals maintaining a constant look over the safety and quality of the product. . The team is given wide-ranging powers to reject raw material which doesn’t reach the standards laid down by the company. This team also looks after the safety and hygiene of the workers.

Potable water is used in the entire factory i.e. in the swash room, toilets, to clean the vehicles, wash the floors, in the processing line, to wash the tables and machinery. The water purification system includes multi-layered sand filter, activated carbon, alum treatment, chlorination and ultraviolet system confirming to BIS and 62 parameters as specified by EU.

A full fledged laboratory for bacteriological analysis and strict monitoring by qualified and experienced quality assurance personnel adhering to GMP, SSOP, HACCP systems ensure quality and perfection of all our products. Implementation of Total Quality Management system and periodical auditing provide the management with feedback and tractability which in turn helps to take necessary corrective actions to deliver consistent quality to our valued customers around the world.